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AMM GAS - Chemical Consultancy & Chemical Supplies

Right chemicals, precise solutions.

We provide professional in-depth chemical solutions to overcome your project’s business and technical challenges.

Optimizing desired outcomes

Regardless of the complexity and scale of your project, we can help to achieve your desired outcomes through our expert advise and reliable quality chemical supllies.

Cost effective solutions

We offer quick and accurate solutions at competitive rates to ensure that the business and technical challanges of your project is managed efficiently.

Professional on-demand and customised services

Depending on the requirements, our team of chemical specialist is assigned to work closely with clients and monitor the progress attentively throughout the project.

Looking for a specific service or complete solution for your project?

Complete solution

Chemical Supplies



Detergent & personal cares

Rubber & Latex

Food ingredient & addictives


Water treatment

Tolerable is not good enough.

Quality assurance

In our profession we are confronted with hazardous substances on a daily basis. Our team of specialists therefore have a major responsibility to deal with this adequately.

Do you want to save time and consult with our specialists about the price, quality and implementation of your project?